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We want you to bring home vacation memories, but no matter how hard you try, there are some things you just can’t plan for. 
  1. If a family member gets sick…                           
  2. If your baggage is lost…                                       
  3. If your trip is delayed …  
  4. If you miss a flight connection…                       
Let the coverage through Generali Insurance help cover expenses due to unexpected travel mishaps along the way. 

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Coverage Before, During, and After Your Trip

When you look forward to travel, the last thing you want to do is think about something going wrong. Still, even the best-planned trips can be impacted by sudden illness, medical emergency, natural disaster, adverse weather, delayed flights, road closures, and other events beyond your control. These troubles can happen when least expected, forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your non-refundable trip costs, and take on unplanned expenses. Travel insurance helps protect your trip investment if you have to cancel or interrupt your plans because of a covered event.

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Anticipating the unexpected with travel insurance can help protect you, your travel companions, and your wallet. To learn more about travel insurance, reach out to Generali Global Assistance directly at 866-999-4018 or review Plan documents

Travel Insurance provided by General Global Assitance
A Generali travel insurance plan can help cover your vacation investment, offset expenses from travel mishaps and provide you with emergency travel assistance.  To learn more about all the benefits of purchasing a Generali travel insurance plan, please Click Here